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Wazir Khan Mosque
The mosque was commissioned by the chief physician to the Mughal Court, Ilam-ud-din Ansari, who was widely known as Wazir Khan. Wazir Khan later became the subedar, or Viceroy of Punjab,[6] and commissioned several monuments in Lahore.Wazir Khan owned substantial amounts of property near the Delhi Gate, and commissioned the Wazir Khan mosque in 1634 in order to enclose the tomb of Miran Badshah, an esteemed Sufi saint whose tomb now lies in the courtyard of the mosque. Prior to construction of the Wazir Khan Mosque, the site had been occupied by an older shrine to the saint.

The mosque’s interior was richly embellished with frescoes that synthesize Mughal and local Punjabi decorative traditions, while the exterior of the mosque was lavishly decorated with intricate Persian-style kashi-kari tile work. Wazir Khan’s mosque superseded the older Maryam Zamani Mosque as the Lahore main mosque for congregations Friday prayers.

Wazir Khan’s mosque was part of a larger complex that included a row of shops traditionally reserved for calligraphers and bookbinders, and the town square in front of the mosque’s main entrance.

Wazir Khan Mosque features South Asia’s first example of a purpose-built Central Asian charsu bazaar, or four-axis bazaar – although in the Wazir Khan Mosque adaptation, two of the four axises are aligned as the mosque’s entryway, while the other two form the Calligrapher’s Bazaar.

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