Khunjerab National Park, Northern Areas of Pakistan – June 2006 #SouthAsia #SAARC

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Khunjerab National Park, Northern Areas of Pakistan - June 2006

Khunjerab National Park, one of the highest altitude parks in the world. It provides the habitat for a number of endangered and threatened species like the Snow Leopard, Marco Polo Sheep, Himalayan Ibex., Blue Sheep, Wolves, Brown Bear, Kiang or Tibetan Wild Ass, Bearded Vultures, Golden Eagles, Himalayan Snowcock’s, Golden Marmots and smaller birds such as Larks, Redstarts, Finches and other alpine birds and mammals.
Rain here is scarce. The valley is narrow and walled in at the start of the valley but broadens out with beautiful alpine meadows.

I dont know what the future holds for this serene and lovely park. The main road between China and Pakistan passes through this way and it probably could disturb all the wildlife. Trade will increase as China does hope to gain the Gulf Market. The Karakoram Highway which passes through the Khunjerab NP is loosely based on the Old Silk Route so trade has always taken part here.
An International Peace Park was planned here and on the Chinese side too. It would be a great opportunity for wildlife and a workable opportunity especially since both the Chinese and Pakistani Governments have good relations.

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