Entrance to Bhit Shah in Sindh, Pakistan – January 2011 #SouthAsia #SAARC

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Entrance to Bhit Shah in Sindh, Pakistan - January 2011


Bhit Shah is name of two places in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. According to NADEEM WAGAN, Bhitshah is a very legendary city positioned near Hala and 40 kilometers far away Hyderabad city. This city is well-liked because of the great saint Hazrat shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. He is one of the greatest poets in the world. Bhit shah is away on drive 45 kilometers on the highway and then three kilometers east on a side road to reach the town of Bhit Shah. Bhit Shah is famous for the tomb of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (1689–1752) who is considered by far the greatest poet of Sindhi language. The shrine is situated on a ‘Bhit’ (mound) and hence the name of the place Bhit Shah, the Mound of the King. Millions of devotees come to his tomb every year. The tomb was raised by the first of the Kalhoras and subsequently beautified by the Talpur Mirs. The tomb and an adjacent mosque are famous for the tile and mirror work done on them. Bhit shah is counted as the largest town of the district Matiari.
•Bhit (also called Bhit Shah) is the town where the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, the patron saint of Sindh, is located.
•Bhit Shah Island is located near Hala New, Sindh. At BhitShah are also buried some Sindhi Literary Personalities as Allama Daud Pota, Mir Abdul Hussain Sangi, Shaik Mubarak Ali Ayaz, Banho Khan Shaikh.
Prominent Personalities of Bhitshah
Pir Nisar Hussein Shah
Pir Mazhar Hussain Shah
Zulfiqar Ali Larik
Ramz Ali Larik
Late Ustad Qurban Ali Azad(Poet)
Mohammad Soomar Wafa
Javed Ali Larik

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