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Sherpa stories

It is raining at our campsite. A light drizzle with whispering wind. Freezing cold. Distant thunderclaps. Suddenly he appears like a jinn(he entered the tent as fast as FLASH) and shocked us all who were waiting for dinner in dining tent. He is our lead Sherpa on expedition and we were about to find out how good storyteller he is. .
Most of his stories were about ghosts in Himalayas.
One is about a ghost that is human wearing clothes but if you look at it from behind – it’s a skeleton. When you are alone in Himalayas you might meet him. Another one I remember was story about a local shepherd who was enchanted and taken by ghost in night and was found after 3-4 days wandering aloof in secluded valley of #Changthang. Our expedition member (instagram) can vouch how convincing the stories were. .
I for one don’t believe in ghosts and once the drizzle stopped. I was out and making pictures late in the night and alone. I did have that feeling though that someone is watching me.
Sherpa people in Himalayas are the ones who make it possible for us normies to stand at summit. I respect them a lot. I will keep sharing stories from my expeditions about Sherpa guides too. .
Altitude: Above 3000m
Though the incident I mention above happened on day 7 of our expedition. the portrait above was taken on first day of our expedition.
Date- 8th July 2019
time: 14:52 P.M.

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