S12 935 on Kandy Express (No 1037 Colombo Fort-Kandy) in 19.01.2020 #SriLanka #LKA

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S12 935 on Kandy Express (No 1037 Colombo Fort-Kandy) in 19.01.2020

SLR Class :- S12
Introduction years :- 2012 to 2013
No of Sets :- 13
Power car Nos :- 917 to 939
Builder :- CSR Qingdao Sifang Co. Ltd
State :- China
Power Plant :- MTU 12V 4000 R41
Mode of Power transmission :- Diesel Electric
Power :- 2000 hp
rpm :- 1800
Weight :- 74 ton
Length :- 50’
Wheel arrangement :- Bo-Bo
Brake system :- Air and Dynamic
Max speed :- 120 Km/h
Gauge :- 1676 mm
Type :- Diesel Multiple Unit
Purpose/Used line :-
4 sets for suburban service.
7 sets for up country service.
2 sets for Air-condition intercity service.
Set Formation :
Suburban sets : Power car, four 3rd class compartments and dummy car.
Up country sets : Two power cars, one 1st class Air-condition compartment, three 2nd class compartment, three 3rd class compartment and one 3rd class buffet unit.
Air-condition: Two power cars, Six 1st class Air-condition compartment and class Air-condition buffet unit.

S12 919 used for first testing run on Beliattha line.
S12 934 and 939 used for Inaugural run on Beliattha line in 02.11.2019
S12 927 and 927 used for Inaugaral run No 1038 Kandy-Colombo train Inaugural run in 22.11.2019

Information as at 20.01.2020

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